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While history may capture the events of a period, art captures the feelings of the period. In addition to displaying an artist's feelings on the period and events surrounding them, a true work of art will invoke the feelings of people in all eras.

Though artists come from all regions, certain areas are more attractive to artists because the populations of those areas are more appreciative of their work. This can make it difficult for people in rural areas to find galleries or museums close to them. One reason why the internet is so valuable is because it brings people closer to the action.

Online, you can perform an artist search or search by other criteria including time periods and art movements. In addition, an artist search can that yields numerous results can be narrowed down by the same criteria, or by certain periods specific to them such as Picasso's Blue period.

In addition, the net can help an artist search for resources to aid their career. It can help an artist search for project opportunities, find art schools, or offer advice. In fact, an artist search may yield the websites listed below that each offer job listings while a couple offer information on other aspects as well.

ArtjobOnline is a site that provides job leads for artists. Artist Resource is a site that offers jobs as well; however, they also offer other information and tips to artists. The last site, also offers jobs and tips. Yet, it adds art school information as well as information about financial aid to their site.

If you are looking for information on art, the internet is a great place to look. In fact, for those who live in the country, the internet may be their only place to look without taking an hour drive to the city.

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