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Are you searching for the right dog for you and your family? This may seem simple, but the choice you make will really have an effect on your entire family. Saying you want a dog is like stating you want a man. There are many breeds and not every type is suitable for you. However, it won't be too hard to complete your dog search. You just have to decide what your needs are and what your family has to offer.

One of the most important needs for families with small children is a pet that is not aggressive. There are certain breeds of dogs that are just more child friendly than others. For instance, pit bulls and Chihuahuas are not kid friendly. Yet, Labrador retrievers are very child friendly. This aspect is worth considerable consideration during your dog search since an aggressive dog can be dangerous around your children.

Another aspect to consider is the energy level of the dog in comparison to the energy level of the family. High energy dogs will not do well in an environment where there is not a lot playing, walking, and other activities. Likewise, high energy children may be let down by a pet that does not want to play, walk, or run around with them. You dog search should take these factors into consideration.

The next thing you want to look at is the inside dog versus the outside dog. You probably should not get a Chihuahua or Pomeranian if you are not allowed to keep dogs in your house. While you may be allowed to keep dogs in your house, big dogs may be damaging to the inside of your house. However, this depends on the dog and the owner. Some owners have very well behaved and clean dogs that are of considerable size living inside their homes. However, these dogs usually need more outside time than their smaller friends. You should begin your dog searching knowing whether you want an inside dog or an outside one.

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