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Have you ever had someone else's meatloaf and thought, "They don't even know what meatloaf is." Well, many dishes take on a different character depending on whom and where the recipe came from. This can make it a little difficult to find recipes online. However, there are some ways to ensure that your recipe search will come up with the recipes that you had in mind.

One way to ensure that your recipe search comes up with the right recipe is to find a recipe that includes your area in the title. When conducting a recipe search for coleslaw, you may want to try adding southern, northern, western, or eastern in the name. You can also try adding your state such as "California coleslaw". This may come up with a more accurate recipe. However, you want to make sure that the recipe came from that area. For instance a recipe search to match your grandmother's coleslaw should use the region where your grandmother lived.

Most people have a general idea of what ingredients should be in the recipe they are searching for. So, with this information you can easily narrow down the possibilities. In fact, some sites will allow you to perform a recipe search based on the desired ingredients. This can be a great way to come up with the right recipe.

You can also take your recipe search to the site of a particular brand named ingredient. For instance, the Jello site probably has a recipe and instructions for Jello Jigglers. Nestle probably has the recipe for Nestle Toll House cookies on their website. This can be a great place to do a recipe search for your favorites.

You can also conduct a search for these recipes on other recipes sites by using the brand name. However, it probably won't have the official brand name recipe since it would be a copyright infringement to do so. Yet, it may be just as good as the official or better.

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