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Without search engines directing you towards the many locations on the internet, you would be lost amidst all of the information now contained in this huge web. Yet, you don't have to worry because these search engines are not going any place. In fact, search engines such as Google and Yahoo, have become pretty big money makers.

These high power companies control the traffic of consumers surfing their way to online shops. Advertising has become a major force on the internet and search engines together with advertising have shaped many of the sites now on the internet. This trend is just going to continue.

Spiders and search engine rankings have now become basic building blocks for a good web site. In fact, without reaching top rankings a site looses much of its effectiveness. This has developed a whole industry devoted to delivering high rankings to a site. These consultants may provide advice for using content, meta tags, and links to deliver higher search engine optimization.

However, many consumers are not aware of what is going on in the background. They want to see interesting content, lots of pictures and multimedia elements, and great prices. This means that sites not only have to be search engine friendly, but consumer friendly as well. You need to be able to catch the reader with search engines, but grasp them with good quality content that stimulates the senses.

Search engines hold a lot of sway with advertisers. No one wants to place advertising on a site that doesn't get many visitors. That is simply a waste of resources. Advertisers want to be where the traffic is heavy. This is where they are going to reach the highest number of consumers. This is where they can make money and so can the sites with high search engine rankings.

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