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One of the great things about the internet is the ability to search for just about any media type you want. In fact, image and video search capabilities are relatively new additions to Yahoo and Google. These capabilities are the best tools to be invented since the invention of search capabilities themselves.

Before these search sites added the ability to search for videos and websites, a video search took a lot longer. You had to first search for a site that offered the types of videos you were searching for and than search the site for the certain video you wanted.

Now, all you have to do is type the music group, actor, singer, or topic and a selection of videos will be displayed for you. These videos are still stored at the same websites they were before; however, you are now searching for the websites by the video rather than by keywords. Once you find the video you want, you can then click on that video to go to the site the video is on or you can look at the rest of the selection.

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An advanced video search can allow you to specify certain file format types. For instance, some videos have the ability to play on different media players. If you have window's media player you would want a format type that window's media player has the ability to display.

In addition the advanced video search will also allow you to specify file size. You may not want to download a file that is too large. In fact, your computer may not have room for a large file. Likewise, you can search for videos of certain length. You can specify how short or long the vide file's duration is allowed to be. All of these options can be very helpful when performing your video search online.

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